Brazil, kitesurfing schools and spots of Ceará

Kitesurfing definition

Brazil, the fifth largest country in the world is a land of contrast. Whether you are city or country, beach or mountain, tropical or temperate, fiesta or tranquility, Brazil will fulfill your expectations. But it is a point where it stands out particularly: the quality of its kitesurf spots.

The majority of kite structures are clustered on a small stretch of the coast of Brazil. Indeed, even if the kite is present on all the coast, a simple research shows that on a strip of about 500km of coastline, most schools of kitesurfing and lodging related to the activity are implanted.

This relative concentration – we still have fun on 500 km of beaches – is explained by a meteorological singularity. In the southern hemisphere, from the equator to the Tropic of Capricorn, a steady wind called Alizé blows daily from South East to North West. This wind, particularly appreciated by sailing sailors for its stability feeds the coasts of Northeast Brazil for 7 months, from July to January. Added to this is a thermal breeze created by the temperature difference between the ocean and sand dunes heated by the sun.

A warm and regular wind, a sea at 30 ° C, an exotic atmosphere, it was enough for a fleet of adventurous kitesurfers to settle and attract their friends.